BREED Podcast 7: Pleasure Cruiser

BREED Podcast 7: Pleasure Cruiser

Rex The Dog’s BREED is back for a second party at Dalston Superstore on Friday September 2nd! Here is the second of three podcasts we are presenting in advance of the night. This one is from BREED Pleasure Cruiser. Stay tuned for the final podcast next week from Rex The Dog.


  1. IntroElectrifying Mojo Cosmic Car Records
  2. Pleasure CruiserOnce The Needle Goes In It Never Comes Out White Label
  3. Zombie EroticB.F.R. Eskimo Recordings
  4. Tad WilyTape Love Smash Hit Music Co.
  5. Jamie PrincipleWaiting On My Angel (Original Mix)– Trax
  6. Ron HardySensation (Dub) – Trax
  7. E.S.PIt’s You – Dj International
  8. RokkYBG (Nic Liu Remix) – Freshit Recordings
  9. Bam BamWhere’s Your Child (Club Acid Remix) Desire Records
  10. Josh Wink516 ACID (Chicken Lips Remix) Ovum
  11. CybotronClear – Fantasy
  12. A Number Of NamesShari Vari (Ectomorph Dark Mix) – Puzzlebox Records

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