Kompakt Reunion Mixtape track list

Here is the full track listing for our Kompakt Reunion Mixtape

1. Saschienne ‘Don’t Put Your Fingers In The Socket’ – Kompakt
2. Mr Schneider ‘No Computer In My Showroom’ (spoken word)
3. Kasper Bjorke ‘Apart’ Acapella – Hafendisko
4. ItaloJohnson 08 ‘B2’ – ItaloJohnson
5. Massimiliano Pagliara ‘Fall Again’ (with Lee Douglas) – Live At Robert Johnson
6. Mijo ‘Working Late’ – Correspondant
7. Autechre ‘irlite (get 0)’ – Warp Records
8. Missile Crisis ‘Solar’ – Horn Wax
9. Roman Fluegel ‘Tender Hooligan’ – Live At Robert Johnson
10. Rex The Dog ‘Sicko’ – Kompakt
11. The Bug vs Shamir ‘If It Wasn’t True’ Nu Groove/Godmode
12. Ghost Culture ‘Glass’ – Phantasy Sound
13. Lauer ‘Donner Lake’ – Permanent Vacation
14. Sister Corita’s Student ‘Do 100 Things’ (spoken word)
15. John Tejada ‘Heave In Sight’ – Kompakt

Rex Module RTD-001


This is our prototype sampling module for Eurorack format.

Features include:

16 bit 44.1Khz stereo capture.

24 sample slots across 3 bank (8 per bank)

Manual editing of start, end and loop points.

Manual control of playback pitch, bit reduction, wave folding/formant shift

CV control of triggers, pitch shifting, bit reduction, sample address, start/end/loop points, wave folding/formant shift and reversing.

8 manual trigger switches and 8 manual pitch/CV controls



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