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Tusk Wax / Last Waltz

We went to Dance Tunnel a few weeks ago, the new venue in Dalston run by the same crew who run Dalston Superstore. The night was a showcase for the vinyl-only record label Tusk Wax. We didn’t know Tusk Wax before, but we do now!

3 tusk vinyls

This is Tusk Wax 10 which is by Franz Underwear. The last track ‘Futuro Perfecto’ is a beautiful stack of pulsing analogue synths, everything intertwining but nothing getting tangled. It sounds quite laid-back at home but we played it at The Loft in Barcelona and it sounded massive. Check it out in this Tusk Wax 10 preview (‘Futuro Perfecto’ starts three quarters of the way through the clip)


A highlight of the party was the closing set from Tusk Wax artists Last Waltz .

Announced today is a new Last Waltz e.p which will be Tusk Wax 11. The previews sound amazing and we want it now (track A1 especially).

Check it ouuuuuuuuut…..


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