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Rex Module RTD-001


This is our prototype sampling module for Eurorack format.

Features include:

16 bit 44.1Khz stereo capture.

24 sample slots across 3 bank (8 per bank)

Manual editing of start, end and loop points.

Manual control of playback pitch, bit reduction, wave folding/formant shift

CV control of triggers, pitch shifting, bit reduction, sample address, start/end/loop points, wave folding/formant shift and reversing.

8 manual trigger switches and 8 manual pitch/CV controls



Taking The Long Way Round

A while ago we made this animation for our live shows.

It just goes to show: with the right lack of skills, it’s still possible to spend four days making something that would take one hour using software.

ghetto blaster animation

ghetto box animation



Early Roborex model

This was the first version of a Roborex, sent out as a make-it-yourself project to our newsletter subscribers back in 2006.

The pdf is still available for download at the bottom of this post