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Taking The Long Way Round

A while ago we made this animation for our live shows.

It just goes to show: with the right lack of skills, it’s still possible to spend four days making something that would take one hour using software.

ghetto blaster animation

ghetto box animation



May 31st Rex @ Oscar Niemeyer Centre

We will play at the Oscar Niemeyer Centre in Avil├ęs on May 31st. It will be our first time back in the north of Spain for a little while.

niemeyer centre

The complex was designed by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and was completed in 2011. Oscar looks pretty cool.


Thanks to Tom Packer for drawing our attention to the magnificence of this venue. Our dates are here

Live @ Loveland Festival Amsterdam

Live @ Loveland Festival Amsterdam

Recorded live in the Beach Arena at Loveland last Saturday using Ableton Live 8 and 1x CDJ. Cleared the floor a little at first with the tracks 1 and 2 (dugga dugga/italo not cutting it that day) but a little more juice and it picked up. Includes little live remixes of Fever Ray and The Sounds… and of course the Beasties…

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Synthpop set recorded live at Musicalia, London

Synthpop set recorded live at Musicalia, London

Special Synth Pop set recorded live at Musicalia, The Old Blue Last, London, May 14th 2010. Featuring our favourite nostalgic electronic pop and some newer stuff that seemed to link in nicely. It was recorded in a pub with Ableton Live 8 and x2 CDJs. During the last track, the security tells us to turn it off, and you can hear our friend Ed do his airhorn impression. If you listen carefully you can hear me telling the security guard ‘…listen to this bit, it’s really good!’

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